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A great med for newbies!!

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If these Immune-Based Therapy -medicines are proven effective even in the modest degree, they are the right choise for

a) persons with confirmed HIV infection, but not yet on ART
b) persons on planned ART -pause/vacation

--> lengthen the time to start of ART
--> avoid/delay start using ART which may have side-effect

This is important, my friends.

IR103 is actually a combination of two drugs: the vaccine Remune® (HIV-1 immunogen) and the adjuvant Amplivax™ (HYP2055). Remune is a form of HIV that has been altered and killed so that it won't cause disease, but will stimulate an immune response to the virus. Amplivax is an adjuvant, an immune system stimulant used to increase the body's immune response to Remune and HIV.

IR103 doesn't attack HIV. The theory behind the study of this drug is that the Remune in IR103 will trigger the production of cells responsible for controlling HIV infection – mature HIV-specific T-cells – and that the Amplivax in IR103 will further boost HIV-specific T-cell production and activity in the body. This might allow the immune system to gain better control of HIV, such as by halting the rate at which it damages the immune system, even in the absence of anti-HIV drugs.

The key point is here (Remune alone, though)

Remune appears to be very well tolerated and doesn't seem to be associated with any serious side effects.

If these  Immune-Based Therapies will work, i bet it will be a standard issue to first get the viral load below 50 with ART, and then let the body's own immune system take care of remaining viruses, well, boosted with IR103. And think about this: IR103 is injected once every three months. I think this is one of the most promising medicines in the field.


Whilst IR103 would be effective at low viral loads, this experimental drug might do the job at high viral loads:

PRO-542 mimics a protein (CD4) found on the outside of T-cells. In order for HIV to infected T-cells, it must first grab hold of the CD4 protein. PRO-542 therefore serves as a decoy. If HIV attaches itself to the CD4 proteins found in PRO-542, it will be not be able to attach itself to the real CD4 proteins found on T-cells. This should help prevent HIV from infecting healthy T-cells in the body.


IR103 and PRO-542 are safe in the way that they do not enter the T4 cells and mess with protein production as conventional ART. These guys just mimic viruses or protein-pieces, and therefore are potentially safe (no side effects).

I am optimistic. I thnik there are promising medications being developed that will reduce side effects next to nothing, and even in the best case build up HIV-resistant immune system to prepare the body for the final virus "flushing".


Toulon, France – June 26, 2006 – The Immune Response Corporation (OTCBB: IMNR) announced today that preliminary Phase II study results of its second-generation HIV immunotherapy, IR103, demonstrated a positive safety profile and enhanced immunomodulatory effects over REMUNE® , the Company’s first-generation immunotherapy. IR103 is a co-formulation of REMUNE® and a novel synthetic Toll-like receptor (TLR-9) agonist adjuvant, AmplivaxTM. The results were presented at the International Symposium on HIV & Emerging Infectious Diseases (ISHEID) in Toulon, France.

"The early results for IR103 in this clinical study are encouraging,” said lead investigator, Andrea Gori, MD, of the Department of Internal Medicine and Surgery at San Paolo Hospital, University of Milan. “We can now proceed to further investigate the potential advance that IR103 may provide through its unique ability to actively stimulate an HIV patient’s immune system to fight the virus.”

This study, examining 31 ARV-naive patients returning from a previous trial of REMUNE® (randomized to receive either REMUNE® or IR103 every 12 weeks for a total of 5 injections), demonstrates a shift towards the more mature T-cell subtypes, thus increasing numbers of the ‘effector memory’ cells that have been described as capable of destroying HIV. Preliminary 4 and 12 week data suggest that these changes may occur more rapidly and at greater magnitude in patients receiving IR103 compared to REMUNE® . No safety issues were identified in any subjects through 12 weeks of evaluation.

Very promising, boosting the body's own ability to fight back! It's news like this that convince me that a cure will in fact be found. Like the the line says: "the truth is out there...," in this case the cure is out there somewhere, and we're getting closer! J.



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