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Swedish Vaccine Trials?????


Hi all-

I cannot find anything on the net for the results of the latest vaccine trials that have been going on in Sweden. Apparently they had great success and the 2nd phase of the trials are set to begin in the UK in the near future if not already. Does anyone know anything about this, and if so can you please post some information and/or links for people to read up on it?


Last I heard about this vaccine they had completed phase I in Sweden and were going to initiate Phase II/III in Tanzania (a country they have a long standing relationship with). I hadn't heard anything about the UK. From what I understand it is a DNA-based vaccine with a possible protein secondary boost. It wouldn't work on currently infected people but rather to prevent new infections. I think they have designed it to be responsive to clades currently circulating in Tanzania with the hope that if the technology works they will extend it to other clades depending on which exist in that country. It's proof of concept right now and from what I understand they don't know if it will work to prevent HIV infection yet - nor would they until they give it to people in an area of high infection e.g. Africa. After that they will initiate a long study (few years) to decide whether it had any protective effect and either improve it or bomb it at that point.



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