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RIP Doug Willis & others


I met Doug 8 years ago through my journal writing, and from the moment we first spoke I knew he was a special person, spending 2-4 hours 2-3 times a week gabbing on the phone. I had seldom met anyone as awake and aware, sensitive, intelligent, witty, kind and generous as Doug. He flew from Chicago to visit for 10 days back in 2001, and we kept in close touch ever since.

Doug had suffered horribly having lived with full AIDS for over 20 years and until the very end, never lost his gallows sense of humor. The night I received the email and phone call from his friends and caregiver I broke down crying

Doug was just about the last living friend I have, I will miss you my friend

A link to some of my own comments about Doug plus an obit that was in a Chicago paper

Also RIP people who I felt humbled in their presence for their strength, wisdom and kindness

Paul C (friend and companion)
Phil M
Victor M
John K
Michael S
Brian B
Brian S
Eric B
Warren B


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