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You don't Meet People Like Moffie Every Day

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It sounds like you had an amazing experience with your meeting with Tim.

I knew Tim was a special man from reading his posts here and you just confirmed exactly how special he truly is.

I think your pretty terrific too!


Hi Jeff,

I had the pleasure of meeting Tim in Toronto last year, and he is one of the kindest, gentlest & compassionate men I have ever met.  And he's also fun to shop with...  Jan (anniiebc) and I had a ball shopping with him in Toronto and it was kind of funny watching an old geezer like him run for the bathroom (an attack of the wonderful meds we all take) in the department store.  (sorry Tim....had to be told). 

I'm so glad that you had a chance to meet "Big Daddy," as I so fondly like to refer to him.

And listen boys, I have some extra "C" cup bras lying around from Victoria's Secret if you would like them (all lacey & frilly in some very hot colors)... they hold the girls in place very nicely. :D ;) ;D



Jeff and Tim... I think both of you are quite spectacular..... Thanks for keeping us funded and alive!

Love :)


I am very much looking forward to it in Montreal over a cold one and some cool bud!!


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