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You don't Meet People Like Moffie Every Day

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Hi Jeff!

I think it's terrific that you made the effort to meet Tim, and to sit in on your first Planning Council meet. You and others do not know this, but it was due to Moff's prompting in January that started me on the membership trail to the Sacramento HIV Health Services Planning Council. As of today, I have become a known face inside the conference rooms with 30 other committed individuals. I applaud you in your effort to apply for membership, and encourage others to do the same.

I have had the distinct honor and priviliege to get to know our Moffie since the beginning of the year through weekly phone chats. We have run the gambit of topics, let me tell you, and I am so anxious to finally get to meet him in person. There are too few times in this life when we meet like souls, and my life will never be the same because of my friendship with this wonderful man.

We must remember that those of us who have stepped up to the advocacy plate do so from the heart; I had a conversation with another woman locally just last week who actually asked to be paid to attend these meetings, and had even figured out an hourly rate she expected to be paid.
(This, above and beyond the fuel reimbursement offered by the Council for travel to and from any and all meetings...). While I was glad to hear that someone else from my county was interested in joining the group, I must admit that I was very disappointed to hear of her request. It's just not the way things work, although, in a perfect world, I would agree that a stipend of some sort for we volunteers would be welcome.

We do it because representation must be made of the Affected Community, whether the community has asked for it or not. Being an integral part of the decision making process is so important, and worth every darn piece of paper I have to read. I have experienced nothing but welcome support and encouragement from the Planning Council members, men and women who represent just about every aspect of care providers that you can imagine. It is my priviliege to be amongst them.

On a humorous note, you just cracked me up telling us about you two gentlemen comparing notes on your bra sizes!! Girlfriend Trishie seems to have a stash of several for you to choose from, so grab em' while they're hot!!

I would have given anything to be sitting there with you at the table when Mof blurted out "Dumber than stupid!"...I can just hear him saying it and can only imagine the rousing support that the members gave him...he certainly is not afraid to call a spade a spade!

Wonderful story today...thanks so much!! Good luck on your efforts, Jeff, and welcome to the trail!!

With love,

Zephyr :-*

Well Jeffery...that was a mouthful.  But I agree with you... :o
You don't meet people like Moffie everyday.........perhaps not even twice in a life time.
I'm looking forward to meeting him myself............. :P

How cool, you got to meet Tim! It also sounds like both yours and Tim's tits are bigger than mine, LOL.

Thanks for sharing your visit with Tim and your sensitive insight. Compelling to say the very least. On an equally serious matter, were I not completely adjusted to the notion of being a ballerina up top, I dare say I would be reconsidering the competitive exposure in Montreal. I'll bring Kleenex and dark glasses just to have a backup plan!!!!

Hello Jeff, it is Eldon. Thank you for sharing your meeting with Tim, isn't he an awesome guy? You can learn a lot from him, I have!


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