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You don't Meet People Like Moffie Every Day

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I had the pleasure of meeting Moffie on Friday. We met at the AZ health Center in downtown Phoenix. Lucky for me I was only 6 miles from the meeting sight. Poor Moff had nearly a 2 hour trip. The wonderful lady who took the trip with him seemed happy to be there. Does Moffie have a led foot???. LoL. The 3 of us got there 45 minutes early as there was oddly no traffic that day.  So we had plenty of time to talk and get to know each other. I can't tell you what a sweet, funny guy Moffie is. I told him how awesome he looked for his age. He said "Yeah, my tits look pretty nice, don't They? Thanks to kaletra". As I looked down at my two rather large breasts, I grabbed them both and squeezed them. "KALETRA" I yelled. "So that's reason for these titties! Now I know. That's been bugging the crap out of me the past few years"We compared brest size, and figured we were tipping the "C" cup scale Of the breast thingy. We then discussed our neuopothy. It's always nice to be able to talk with other people aqbout common problems.
It soon dawned on me that this man has prolly forgot more then most people know
. After a few minutes, it was clear to me that this man is a FOUNTAIN of information when it comes to HIV/AIDS. It felt great being in the presense of a man who has been through the mill. He made me feel "normal." In a short period of time, I had the feeling that I had known this man for decades.
The meeting got under way, A man was talking stats that made no sense. "That's dumber then stupid" Moffie blurted out. All 30 people present laughed. Moffie knew everyone by their first name. It was obvious that this man was loved and respected by everyone there. He knew all the angles, and was very much on top of things. And all the while, he was typing not missing a thing. I was impressed, and felt honored to be in the presense of such a caring, knowledgeable individual. I felt like I was "The Chairman Of The Board". He knew every one, and was well aware of everything that what going on. And like Anderson Cooper, thoughout the meeting he was "keeping them honest". I can't tell you all what an impressive man this is.
The meeting lasted 90 minutes. I asked him afterwards:"What are you geeting paid for this?" He said, "Gas Mileage, and that started last year." I thought how lucky people in his corner of the world are to have such a caring person look out for all of the details that it takes in running the Ryan White Tittle II program. I thought most have no clue. But it was obvious Moffie was not doing it for fame and glory. He was doing it out of the kindness of his heart. He was doing it because it needed to be done.He wants to do it. No strings. This is a great man with a great heart.
Another thing I noticed when I was there that I previously had no idea about. It blew my mind that there were DOZENS of people doing the very best job they could in distributing the tittle II Ryan White program. I was very touched how each and every person there(DR'S, volunteers, pharmacists, prevention people, administrators etc...) actually cared about doing a good job. It was clear to me that each and every person there that day actually CARED> I would have never known of this had I not been at that meeting.  Since my days starting in 1984, I was so used to getting shit on, by nurses, pharmacists, healthcare workers you name it. It was a constant battle for SEVERAL years.
So needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised at the change that has taken place over the years.THIS TOUCHED ME DEEPLY.
So for those of you that are working here in the USA and have insurance, good for you. But I think you should all know, that when the day arrives that you can't work, it is programs like Ryan White that are going to keep you alive.It is the reason I am able to manage things today.. So I thought you should know: People like Moffie, who don't get paid one red cent, comprise the engine that makes it all work. I learned so much on Friday. I have a great deal more respect and love for Moffie. He is a specail person who fucking cares. He has inspired me to do more. I have currently applied for the Ryan white tittle One program for my area.
Thank you Moffie, and all the people that make it possible for those of us less fortunate, to live. Moff has opened a door for me, and I fully intend to walk though it. Lucky me!

Thank you! Now I can imagine Tim a little bit better. I am so far away...

Andy Velez:
You are lucky indeed when you hang out with an angel. And I am sure he was glad for your company as well. 

Hey Jeff,

 If I knew you were meeting Tim, I would have asked you to give him a kiss for me on his orifices !! ;)

 I am glad you guys got together. I would like to meet Tim someday !!

The Best-----Ray

I knew there was a good reason I love Moffie!


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