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Eldon, I don't mean to sound callased here, but come on.  Are we really going to raise a few hundred bucks for WORLD betterment?  I think you are biting off a bit more than you can chew here.  Since we come from all parts of the world, who benefits from said fundraising?

I'm in negotiations with other organizations, and seats are open for the board of advisors for this foundation that is being formed. We will mainly work with other organizations. This is the beginning of a new NPO for the NIH's and others who need our help.

Matty the Damned:

Some more questions - because I really don't understand some of this stuff. I mean I understand that this project is some sort of AIDS NGO and I appreciate stuff you've already posted, but perhaps you could clarify some things.

To wit:

What is the name of this organisation?
Why are the AIDSMEDS Forums the "network" for this?
Is it US based or International?
Is AIDSMEDS affiliated with this organisation and if so, why haven't the Adminstrators said anything?
Are AIDSMEDS members the only people eligible for election to this board of directors?
If not, will other people be using our Forums for the business of this Foundation you're setting up?
How will the money aspect of all this work?

I could go on but these should do for now. I must say that a couple of other HIV+ members of AIDSMEDS have PM'd me wondering what's going on. I really think it would be helpful for you and for the rest of us if you address some of these things.




I'm willing to address any of the issues that you may have. I'm in the middle of facilitating this sou that there is a solid foundation to address National and International agendas.

This is one of the main reasons why I'm forming the advisory board of council for the National AIDS Foundation.

If it is not right , I am open for any suggestions and I will respond appropiately.

Matty the Damned:

I appreciate that you're busy with this and may not have the time right away to provide detailed answers to my questions. I'm sure you'll answer our questions as soon as you can and we look forward to that. Perhaps you could tell us the name of the Foundation and where we may locate information about it in the meantime.

Is there a website, or postal address or such?



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