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Starting a non-governmental organization or a non-profit organization (NGO/NPO) can be a lengthy, time consuming process. However, the difficulties of the process can be minimized by following a consistent series of steps and seeking advice when needed.

NGO/NPOs provide much needed services to their respective communities, and thorough planning during the start-up process is crucial to develop an effective and professional organization that is able to meet the myrid challenges faced by the world today.

There are many classifications of NGO/NPOs as determined by individual country's laws and regulations, including co-ops, credit unions, societies, people's organizations or community groups etc. The classifications can also designate NGO/NPOs as a religious, charitable, educational, scientific, literary or other organizations. These organizations may qualify for income tax exemption, or other financial benefits. Regional and local tax exemptions may also apply on a region by region basis.

This article provides an outline of the general steps needed for starting and incorporating a NGO/NPO. Detailed instructions for each of these steps can typically be obtained from local governments or a designated government agency/board, an attorney, or a local nonprofit management support organization.

The issues covered here are of a very general nature, and actual situations will, of course, vary from country to country. Starting an NGO/NPO may only require a strong vision, or a need, for people to come together as a group and work to satisfy that need. NGOs can range from 1-2 persons working on a single local issue to an international NGO network with thousands of members working globally on a range of issues.

This feature is primarily based on the work of GDRC, itself an NGO, and the interaction it has had with other NGOs via its programme, the "NGO Café

Matty the Damned:

--- Quote ---No Matty, I don't have room to put it. But if you don't want to vote that is fine. We are in the business of helping others.
--- End quote ---


I fear you misunderstood me, so I apologise if you were/are upset. I'll overlook the 'helping others' comment. Sometimes misunderstandings on the net lead to such things and I'm sure we're all able to move on. I just wondered why the poll seemed incomplete. Now I know why, it was a technical thing. And no, I didn't vote in it.

Nevertheless, I've read your threads on this and I don't still don't understand what you're trying to achieve. No doubt this a fault on my part. Will this fundraising thing only apply to Americans? If that's the case why should Australians care? What does AIDSMEDS have to do with it? I was the Treasurer of an AIDS Community Group here in Australia for a while. I did a lot of fundraising (and I still do for other organisations) so I appreciate the work it requires.

I also think that community fundraising is important especially for AIDS. It creates a sense of community ownership of the issue and enables people to feel that they can do something as individuals.


(Who hopes this clarifies his position)


Before you move forward with this thing, I think you need to get some buy-in from the members.  Right now, the overriding comment from people have been:

1.  What's the purpose of this fund?  And unfortunately, saying that this is to raise money for people with HIV just doesn't provide enough details.

2.  Why must this fund-raising take place in the forums?  There is a limitation to what the forums can do.  The primary purpose is the exchange of communication and ideas to help and support those living with (affected by) HIV/AIDS.  It's not necessarily a vehicle for raising funds (for various reasons).  Now there are times when the nature of the fund-raising is very specific and relevant to the forums (such as the Aidsmeds gathering).  That is an event specific to the forums.  People have a very thorough understanding of the nature of the fundraising (i.e., the goals, the planned usage) and more importantly there is built-in structure to ensure proper usage of the funds.

Unfortunately, the burden is on you to help bridge the gap of any miscommunications/understandings.  The ideas and thoughts that are in your head may be perfectly sound, but unless you can share those thoughts and ideas with us, we can only guess as to the intent (and when it comes to money, people are very reluctant to take part in something that is vague and ambiguous).

Good luck and I hope you take the questions you have received (from numerous people), not as a critique on you personally but as a desire to understand what it is you are trying to accomplish here and why is it relevant to the Aidsmeds forum.



To concentrate my efforts on AIDS awareness, fund raising, speaking and teaching.

AIDS Awareness:

Raise awareness in order to combat this epidemic.  To partner with an organization whose mission is to provide crucial services for men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS and to raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS epidemic through advocacy and education.

Fund Raising:

To benefit AIDS service organizations worldwide.

Speaking & Teaching:

To speak and teach on various topics related to HIV/AIDS.
•   Build relationships within diverse ethnic and cultural communities
•   Assess individuals' risk for HIV exposure/infection
•   Identify appropriate risk reduction strategies
•   Conduct outreach activities to recruit program participants and peer educators
•   Coordinate, schedule and conduct group and individual HIV risk-reduction interventions
•   Implement evaluation tools
•   Assist in coordination and participate in community events, health fairs, and festivals
•   Attend local planning groups, community forums and collaborations or consortium meetings
•   Participate in supervision and agency staff meetings
•   Ensure program objectives targeted at MSMs are met as required by contract

The forums will be used for networking purposes.

I may be dense...but you are planning this undertaking on a global level? I mean even UNAIDS has major problems operating on a global level. Adapting procedures and policies to existing laws and customs worldwide would be a monumental task in itself. Implementing something like this would be a stupendous undertaking that would take millions...maybe billions of dollars. I admire your altruism and I have read your objectives over and over...and I still just don't get what you are aiming for.

As I said...maybe I'm dense.



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