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Another oral sex question

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Thanks Ann for the reply, I will read the material right now...

Do the same rules apply to use these, 12-13 weeks? Just curious and what are your thoughts as far as accuracy? Thanks

Same rules apply. 12\13 weeks then test.

How come there's so many opinions about the risk of oral sex? Like if if listen to the CDC it sort of puts me into the panic mode again, you would think they would know right? But honestly I put more stock in your opinions (maybe cause it's comforting) I dunno. Maybe I should quit searching the net. Maybe the are just covering their bases to error on the cautious side? thoughts?


I've merged your two new threads into your oringinal thread - where you should post all your addtional thoughts or questions. It helps us to help you when you keep all your additional thoughts or questions in one thread.

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As for your question about oral, if you'd read the Transmission Lesson, you'd know the answer.



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