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Another oral sex question

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There are "many" opinions because not every web site or even every organization updates their information regularly. Moreover, government-funded orgs like the CDC are political in nature, and the current political climate in the USA downplays the role of condoms in HIV prevention in favor of abstinence. Sadly, the CDC reflects this theorcratical position in many of it's STD/HIV related information, playing rather fast and loose with what passes for fact.

That's why sites like aidsmeds are so important. We rely on current, first-tiered peer reviewed information, and make NO risk assessment or HIV transmission assertion we cannot thoroughly document with ample evidence.

I've read everything. Thanks for bringing me up to speed on everything, I appreciate everyones help as I'm sure everyone does. It does seem like certain websites definetly have their own agenda. What's weird is even allot of doctors seem to think like the CDC, or at least it seems like it. Maybe it's just not their specialty or something. Thanks to you guys for easing my fears (somewhat) with real life facts, at least I think I can eat a real meal for the first time in 48 hours..

Is there a difference in accuracy between going to a clinic and the Home Access kit? Just wondered because I would rather do the home access if all is the same. I still have to pay at the clinic so it might even be cheaper to do the home access method.
I've been tested before at the clinic before and they took a vile of blood where as the home access on;y needs a few drops, I guess I'm sort of confused on why that is, if it's a different method or something.. Thanks for your help on here.

If you are going to test I recommend that you use a clinic.

Thanks for the response. Ultimatetly I will use the clinic. My plan was to maybe use the home access at like 6-8 weeks, I think more for peace of mind. I will eventualy go to the clinic because I want to be tested for all the STD's, but I'm kind of confused when to be tested for them, you know the waiting period. I could be tested at 13 weeks for everything, however it seems like a couple of them the sooner you catch them the better, so I'm in my research mode for the waiting period for all of them. I know my risk was considered minimal and it was suggested that I didn't even need testing, but I'm going to take the advice on here and start doing yearly checks anyway. If you or anyone has any input on the waiting period for the STD's that would be great in helping me figure out when I'm going....


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