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Morgan the mouse is done with his meds!!!


For now, at least. Here's to hoping he doesn't have to take anything ever again.

He's also 10 months old as of tomorrow! Hooray! ^_^;.

Morgan was taking antibiotics because he had itched his mite bites open and gotten some infections, and was getting injections to get rid of the mites, and Thursday was his last visit to the veterinarian, and his last dose of everything! His infection is all cleared up, his mites are gone, and he's very happy. I just thought I'd update you guys to how he's doing.

Picture taken this afternoon. I thought it was very pretty. :)

I am so happy for Morgan. He must be one happy mouse today.

And he is so darn cute.

Hope he stays well for you!

Happy Tenth month birthday Morgan.

hello morgan, happy birthday  :)

glad you are feeling better. stay well, no getting lost please.



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