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Anne please explain neuropathy associated with HIV

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Hi Anne, can you explain to me what nerves are damaged that is associated with hiv.   Is the neuropathy caused by the meds ?  do you get this in the last stages?? any info would be greatly appreciated

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In most cases, neuropathy is caused by the meds, yes. However, in order to have any sort of hiv related neuropathy, you have to first actually be infected with hiv. Unless you've been having unprotected intercourse with someone who is hiv positive, it's more likely that you are booked on a flight to the moon for Labor Day weekend than you are to have hiv.

I suggested to you a month ago that you get some professional help with this hiv anxiety - but it looks like you'd rather let it take over your life. It's up to you, but you really don't have to live with this anxiety. There is help available, help we cannot possibly give you on this website. Please turn off your computer and go find the face-to-face help that would benefit you enormously.

As long as you are using condoms for intercourse, every time, no exceptions, you do not have to live in constant fear of hiv infection.



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