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Anne please explain neuropathy associated with HIV

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hi. please can you answer me and let me know if i'm at risk for hiv?
first i'l start with first so called risk . I went to a clinic and thought nurse may have used dirty needle because after this a month or two had weird red mark on my arm that looked like a sarcoma after using tons of coirtisone it finally went away. at 11 weeks or twelvew can't rememeber i tested neg.   after this i open mouth kissed someone and my gum may have been slightly bleeding. after this  went to a shopping mall rest room and wipeed my self unknowingly with toilet paper that had blood on it .(wasn't mine) came out of dispenser like this. I don't know how it got there but it was there cause after i wiped i looked down at the toilet paper and the blood was sought of dark almost looked dried.   can you guys tell me if i'm at risk for hiv? i would appreciate your thoughts,  I did not get tested after kiss and toilet paper. everyone told me not to worry. i've been getting weird rash on my forearm also itchyness on my neck and have a sore throat for couple of days. with fever spiradically. also next door neighbor had bleeding arm and brushed against me ,next week is when i came down with rash and one or two days of fever now the sore throat. going on third week with rash.   

NO, to all of the above.....

please educate yourself on HIV transmission & prevention....

thanks AIDS2, i do know transmission risks but i also know theoretical risks, and that is what made me become afraid. My brother is a virologist. and i have asked him same questions and he said probably not but  theoretically yes. there is still that risk and even though small,it is still possible and that is why iv'e become afraid . thank you for answering


There is a theoretical risk of being hit by a meteor while sitting in your lazy boy watching TV.

There is no risk in anything you describe.



It sounds to me like you see hiv lurking everywhere, waiting to get you. It isn't. It's a very fragile, difficult to transmit virus that is spread through unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse.

I suggest you seek the assistance of a mental health care professional so you can talk your concerns through with someone face-to-face before this takes over your life completely.

You haven't had a risk in anything you bring to us. Not in the real world.



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