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Joe Greenwood-49


I didn't know this gentleman, but I just wanted to make this known:


He certainly was an American hero !! Rest in peace Joe.

From the article :

As an adult, Mr. Greenwood battled his disease — always willing to try the latest treatments, even if the side effects were brutal, his mother said.

“When drug companies called, he always said yes. He was never afraid to try anything if it could help someone else,” Ms. Greenwood said.


I'm still wrapping my mind around Joe's passing.  He was one of the first new people I met and became friends with once I became part of the Atlanta AIDS Community.  I first met Joe back in 1994 and aside from our fanatical love of comic books in common, it was under his editorship of the AIDS Survival Project's Survival News that my own comic strip HIV + Me first saw the light of day.  Always encouraging, always with a great sense of humor (mixed when necessary with black irony). 

I remember when Joe was on the clinical trials for Norvir way back when, he wondered why, along with the numerous trips to the bathroom and the legendary awful taste (it wasn't in capsules yet), he stumbled around feeling drunk.  A fellow worker at ASP, Dawn Averittt (who at the time was on the clinical trial for Crixivan), told Joe that the med he was taking was something like 50 proof.  When Joe was stunned by the news, Dawn held up an imaginary champagne glass and said "Cheers!"

I'll miss you Joe, and as Dawn said, "Cheers!"


God bless you Joe, and thanks for everything.

Rest In Peace Joe

You were a great editor of ASP's newsletter; I always looked forward to reading what you had to say.




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