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Rev Jim


Hi Folks,

Does anyone know if rev jim (bryan) is still around these shores?

Hi Petess

The Rev is fine..I had an e-mail from him last week, he is just keeping himself busy and enjoying the summer with his family...he will love the fact you cared enought to post...hopefully he will see this and respond when summers over and he has a little more time on his hands.

Jan :-*

Hey Luke,

Looking at your avatar, I'm wondering if you've been up to something that you've been keeping from us? :D Hope you're well anyway.

Jan - please tell Rev I said hello... and enjoy the summer and the boys.


Jan - Thanks for the info - glad to hear he is well, i was in quite close contact with the revmiester before the forum moved - i couldnt find his name in the members list, which is why i brought it to the board.

Ann - I just thought a pic of the lovley CZJ would bode better than a pic of my mug!!  ;D



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