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This could be filed under "HIV or Age?," I suppose, and I didn't want to hijack the thread where it was first mentioned, by Moffie, and to which Philly responded ("Are You a Fool" in "Living with...").

I had not  previously heard of a connection between HIV and broken teeth, specifically, and I wonder if there are others with this problem.  I thought it was just me, because I've suffered two broken teeth in the last week, with no known cause (I wasn't chewing something hard, etc.).  Since I'm 66, it could just be age, but I've also been infected over 25 years, so there' s that to consider too.  I've been on ARV only since 2001, no PI's, and I take calcium for osteopenia in the hip (so that diagnosis might be relevant, too?).  Color me curious.   ???   

Your not alone, Edfu.    I had two incidents of broken teeth over a five years period. And just like you, unknown cause.   I reported this to my HIV specialist who said that I was not the first to complain about that.   So may be there is a relation with HIV or meds.


How does one check out an animal for good health? Generally by checking out its gums, teeth etc... I think there are many factors that lead to teeth breaking... and one is the hiv drugs one takes... I have had several just fall apart for no reason.. Now almost all my teeth are capped/crowned and even then I've had several fall apart for no relevant reason.

though I drink a 2-liter of Coke a day and have since my college days (that means I've been a "coke addict" for well over 25 yrs ROFL), it wasn't until I was on meds for about 4 yrs, before my teeth began to chip and break (only had 3 cavities before that). Even eating a thin potato chip once broke a tooth in half! Before my two front teeth shattered and I was left with a gap-tooth smile, I opted for dentures. (My teeth lasted me 7 years more than my dad's (who got dentures at 30) but a lot less than my mom's side of the family, who all have their original teeth - even my grandmother at 92!)

as with most of my health problems, I told my ID doc that I considered the problem with my teeth as another side effect of HIV or the meds. I can't prove that as fact; but it's odd that this problem didn't begin, even with all that Coke I've drunk though the years, until after I had been on meds for a few years. Then ALL of my teeth began to break at the same time, so that I ended up with these dentures in less than two years after the problem started.

smiling with confidence now,
mikie  ;D

how horriblke are dentures? just wondering. I too have many teeth that need some major work done to them mostly caps and crowns . But I am wondering if the dentures would be cheaper in the long run since i cannot pay for all the dental work they want me to have done.,
Just wondering how long it took to adjust to them


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