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Eric & William at 3 years

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My heart is very moved from what you have said to me and William..  I feel very fortunate to have friends such as you.  I have only been around a very short time in the scheme of HIV but I feel like a part of this family even more so now..  There have been so many ups and downs this past year, but our love for eachother has only grown and compounded itself.  I know the isolation of living where we do makes it difficult to be amongst others like us, but this family has helped ease that feeling of loneliness.   We have celebrated birthdays, we have concured obstacles and we have proven love wins over fear everytime.  We have seen desperation, we have seen acts of kindness.  What better place for me to tell you of our anniversary and hopes for all of our better futures...  Today, my heart sings, but tomorrow, it may not.  But for now,  I am truly happy.... :)

Love you GUYS!

Congratulations Eric and Will!  A great milestone for both of you and it has been great to have enjoyed your friendship these past six months. You have both been a great help to me and I know you have been there to support each other through all of this.  I wish you the best as you move forward and many many many happy years together.  You two make a very cute couple and it is great that you care for each other so much!!!  Happy Anniversary!!!!  Enjoy life!!!

Happy Anniversary Eric and William! I wish you both A long, happy life together. God Bless you both.

Eric and Will,

Happy anniversary! Eric, you are probably the sweetest person I know. The fact you are also an absolute lunatic (anyone who lives where it snows as much as it does in your back yard would have to be) makes you even dearer to me. Ordinary people are so boring!  ;D

I am very happy for you both and wish you many, many more years together.




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