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Eric & William at 3 years

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Will & Family

Thanks for putting up with me the past 3 years.  You are the love of my life and you give my life meaning.  I know this past year has been ruff for us and more so, for me.  Thank you for grounding me.  Thank you for protecting me and telling me things are going to be ok.  That our lives together will go on for awhile longer.  Everyday you are in my life gives me what I need.  

& to you all...

Thanks to everyone here who has helped me keep focused on the positives of being +ve..   I know this place has made a heep a difference in keeping our relationship moving forward...  


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I'm all moist...erm, well, maybe I should just say I'm all misty-eyed. What's happening to me -- the exasperated cynic who frowned upon public expressions of love? I'm being "corrupted" by the forums. And Eric, I really ought to report you to the moderators... for being one of the sweetest, sanest people I've encountered here.



Happy Anniversary guys!

Eric, I am proud of you, I think you are doing great!

The Canuck:
Happy Anniversary Eric & Will !!!


The Canuck

Edited : As I realized the message was mostly for my joke was inappropriate.  ;D


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