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seeking help:
I wanted to continue my thread in the new forum. The original is here:

My risk exposure as described earlier:

On April 6, 2006, for some unknown reason, I chatted with a guy online and then decided to meet him. God knows what I was thinking. This is what we did:

1. He licked and sucked my fingers, neck and nipples.

2. I licked his nipples and sucked on his neck.

3. I touched his balls only (not his penis). He didn't touch any part of my penis.

4. He masturbated while all this was going on. I didn't. While he was masturbating, some of his precum (and possibly some cum) fell on my trousers.

5. After about 5 minutes after this incident, I went to the bathroom and applied water using my right hand on the area of my trousers where his precum/cum was and then like an idiot masturbated using the same right hand.

The most worrisome incident is No.5.

Obviously, while applying water, my fingers came into contact with the pre-cum/cum a few times (albeit 5 minutes after it landed on my trousers). By that time it appeared to have dried a little bit but not completely. I know this as my fingers felt a little sticky while applying the water. I did not clean my hands with soap after taking the last rub on my trousers; instead I went directly to the urinal to take my penis out of the underwear to urinate (and masturbate). This is the biggest mistake I made. At that point, i should have cleaned my hand with soap and water.

I have redone the sequence at home about 20 more times now to see which part of my finger came in touch with which part of my penis. I found that most likely the tip of my index finger came into contact with the fold of my foreskin (UNCIRCUMCIZED) while taking the penis out of the underwear and could have touched the urethra while pushing it back in. I read the the layer of foreskin in uncircumcized men is a mucous membrane which readily absorbs HIV.

So it may be possible that was exposed to HIV given the possible high concentration of the virus on my trousers, lack of washing my hands properly with soap and touching my uncirumcized foreskin.

Matty the Damned:
Why? The answers won't change.


Buddy...You can still read all the responses you got on the old one.......
What's the point?

Andy Velez:
Please clarify what you want when you say "continue your thread." What is it that you have in mind at this point?


You were told repeatedly in the old forum that you never had a risk of hiv infection in what you brought to us. It was suggested that you seek professional  help, but you told us it wouldn't help you. I don't know what else we can possibly do for you here.

We will still give Time Outs in this new forum and you are very close to being given one.

You had no risk of hiv infection. Period.



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