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What does everyone do when bored?

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And none of the obvious answers please!  I'm stuck in on a saturday night because i've got absolutely no money until pay day.  Any ideas?  I've tried reading, i've been to the gym and theres nothing on the TV agghh!

What do you mean there's nothing on telly - Casualty is on right now! :D

Oh... and tonight has an hiv storyline!

hop on a plane, fly over to brussels and we'll hit town :-)

I do what I alway do.. play on the computer.

Right now I'm intrgued by a game called Dofus.  It's online mult-player game and it's actually free to play.. up to a certain level.  It's an interesting change as it's not 3D like most of the games are today.  Instead its in a 2D isometric view and done in an anime cartoon style.  It's really cute and has a lot of humor too.

Funniest thing I've seen so far was when the archer class is sent on the starter quest to get a bow, you have to go get wood from one person and take it to have it made.  Their line was something like "Well judging by that hard wood you have there, you must be here for a bow job."   LOL

I been wasting my whole afternoon on it. :P

I am like Ted l play on the computer.

Only thing is l belong to a paid game site and l am on there all the time.

I also blog that keeps me busy.

And as a last option l torment my cat.


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