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I love candles and find them very relaxing especially at night when they light up the room.

The thing is, I have these big assed candles and after a few hours they form a hole in the center of the candle...then you cant even see the flame because its so deep in the center.  It still looks nice and the center of the candle is lit up like a light bublb, but I miss seeing the flame.

Am I buying the wrong type of candle or does this always happen?  How do I see that beautiful flame again?  Thanks!

I think probably buying candles that are not as wide would probably make them melt down easier and more evenly.

Or do I know nothing about candles and I'm just making stuff up?

Well the candles I also use as centerpieces on my dining table, my cocktail table in the living room and onm another piece of furniture....The larger sized candles look great and add to the decor.  I guess you can say size matters.  ;D

Maybe once it melts a little deep pick it up and tilt it and intentionally melt the wax surrounding it? I used to play with candles and wax and stuff and if you just tilt it and turn it in a circle the wax that touches the flame melts instantly.

What I just did...the wax is soft so the edges I bent over all around the rim to expose the now I see the flame and Im creating a cool design on the candles...problem solved LOL


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