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The Grant for Montreal has been awarded


Grants Committee:
Hey All,

Due to some recent changes in attendance the Grants Committee is pleased to announce that a grant covering airfare and hotel is still available for one member who would like to attend the Montreal gathering.

The only limitation is that the plane ticket is based on a mileage program that may limit availability depending upon the city in which you live.  But you will never know unless you ask.  For more info on Montreal, please see the Gatherings forum.

If you would like to attend the Montreal gathering, please PM the Grants Committee with your real name and closest major city.  We will accept all requests, in the order in which they are received, so we can process them, in order, until we find someone who's city qualifies for the plane ticket.  The carrier is Northwest.

Any requests for assistance are kept private and we will respond to all who request this grant.

Edit: The final grant has been awarded as of today, 7/30/06.


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