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Aftermath of Dan's What Have I Done thread and moving on

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Hey, anybody here the one about the three guys in the old folks home?


--- Quote from: Andy Velez on July 29, 2006, 10:45:47 AM ---So I am asking for your forbearance and patience about what has happened.  Let's move on.

--- End quote ---

Done... and moving on.

Thanks Andy!

Just so ya'll know?  I used to live in Jackson, TN., (I lived in the West TN. area for almost 20 years) so I "think" I might know "Dan".  Up until 3 years ago, there used to be a lot of support, assistance and other things that PWA's used and needed.  Then, a woman of color, Charitta Johnson tore up the organization (Human Beings Care) that I had been a part of since 1995 (it was West TN. Cares at that time).  She absconded with grant money meant for "us".  And because of fear of being accused of "discrimination" no one has done anything about it.  And she is STILL writing grants for religious organizations in the area. 

When my family and I moved up here to MD., TennCare had all but kicked everyone off of the healthcare short of court appeals (which were difficult at best to get, plus they are short of legal resources for help) to get back on.  Many of them rarely know when they are going to get their next meds, much less for some of them, their next meal.  There is little if any support, and not much for medical/mental help.  Much of the medical profession has little sympathy in that area fo PWA's (a decent MD is difficult to find), and the dentists in that area would rather pull a tooth than fill the cavity (they also wear the "moon-suit" during any kind of examination).  There was one Dentist in Trenton who was very compassionate, but I think they pulled Ryan White out from under her to move the funds elsewhere.  If one wanted decent dental help, one had to go to Memphis.

The west part of TN., is still very "backward", and the entire area has many kinds of discriminations as well (not only at PWA's).  I think the word I'm looking for is "polarized".  They don't like Blacks, Whites, any one of color, Yankees etc.  From our view, the "great" State of Tennesse is doing it's best to either force PWA's to move elswhere for medical attention, or to go ahead an just die (hell, it is cheaper, isn't it?).

We're glad we got the f___ out of there, and I looked for a long time for where we live, and investigated the medical accesses as well.  It's funny, the Ryan White dentists up here double/triple glove, wear full-face plastic masks and are hard to get an app't with.  A "regular" dentist here wears just the one glove, no mask and do their job.  They are extremely puzzled by how their peers treat PWA's in the South.

Things really suck down there, and I kind of don't blame Dan for going off the deep end (although he should NOT have used you guys like he did), hell, I think aidsmeds would be a little overcome by how things are down there.

Joe K:
How sad that such an event is found to have been a deception, but it will not change the caring responses that come from these forums and even though it was a false alarm, we were far from had.  Many people knew what was going on, yet they supported Dan, hoping that he was finally getting the help he needs.  The fact that he lied to this forum, in such a fashion, only reinforces his desperate pleas for help.  

We're here if he needs us and we will be there the next time that ANY member on this forum needs us.

There is a vast difference between anger and hatred and while the anger may linger, hatred will never take root.  Nothing will ever change the power of this community, because even when our compassion is met with deception and some members are rightfully hurt, it still won't change our reaction to the next plea for help.

This group could never do any less and that, my friends, is true power.

The Canuck:
I'm still a bit stunned by all this but Joe stated perfectly what I think about the whole situation and totally agree with that.


The Canuck


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