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Aftermath of Dan's What Have I Done thread and moving on

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Dan read reply #72 in your thread "what I have just done." Dan it appears you appreciate nothing. You continue to blame everyone but yourself and assume no responsibilty  for your actions. How dare you intimate no one all the posts again Dan, and then tell us no one cares. Make sure you read number 72 Dan where I inform the group that you had been admitted to the hospital. Respecting your privacy I posted that I would let you fill in the blanks if and when you wanted. That choice is yours  and I will say no more on the subject.

I am glad you are seeking help. I wash my hands of this charade, and you.

Dan, I think you have very good friends here in this forums that really care about you. I was following the thread and was amazed by all they did for you. You still donīt realize it but you are very lucky. Maybe you spend to much time at home thinking about your own problems. Doing that makes problems look bigger than what they really are and you can easily loose the sense of reality and of what is going on in the outside world.
With a little help, you would feel much better and realize there is many people that care about you. You have to stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something about it. You have been dealing with this for 20 years so you are a strong person. But you need to socialize and be in contact with people every day, feeling useful, because you are useful.
You are going to hate me now. And you might be right becasue you didnīt ask me for my opinion. But I donīt care. Go out, find something to do, see the sun shine.
The best thing you could do in the near future is go to Montreal but it is up to you.
I am glad people in this forums were able to "save your life".


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I too have read all the post here and believe it is now time to move on...........
Those who acted and participated in the attempt to assist Dan are to be commended.
We as a forum have not been diminished in any way because of this episode...
If anything we have been reminded of the kindness and the generosity of the human heart
and its fragility....

now let's hike up our skirts and step over this mud puddle!

Andy Velez:

How information came to us is irrelevant. Instead of getting caught up in that kind of resentment and (mis)interpretation how about getting on with your life in general and here in specific.

I don't get where you're seeing the situation as "people turning their backs on you." The evidence that I see is overwhelmingly that people have been very understanding about what happened.

If you're feeling more isolated now Dan, the way I see is that is an isolation you are creating. It is not based on the actions or responses from members. As for being "too embarassed" to go to Montreal now, get over yourself.

So you did what you did. Why can't you just be embarrassed and live through that? You are being way more unaccepting of yourself than anyone here.

If you don't go to Montreal, you need to know that's your own unfortunate choice and you should take responsibility for it. No one here has by word or deed indicated they would not want you to be a part of that event.



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