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Me, at 3 months

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--- Quote from: B99 on July 29, 2006, 09:33:09 AM ---But right after being diagnosed that was all I could think about, making it to 85, when in reality I had always planned to go before I realized that I was old.  Don't know what age, but I think it's a feeling; a point where you can say "You know I think I can go now."

And for some odd reason I'm in that place now.  If left to its own accord, HIV would probably kill me before I turned 30.  Am I glad that that is my reality?  No.  But it is. 

--- End quote ---

Hope you (and all of us) have a long life with lots of happiness and health. Glad your percentage went up. As you said, death can't be stopped. It is the great equalizer


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