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For the usual stupid reasons I ended up going back with a prostitute last night and of course I woke up this morning in a panic. Although I am not in Africa, the prostitute was from there which doesn't exactly make it any easier for me.

We didn't have any penetrative intercourse but I did finger both her vagina and anus. I don't have any cuts on the finger and from reading your page, it appears that I am not at any risk from this.

She only masturbated me but on a couple of occasions, she put what seemed like quite a lot of saliva on her hands for lubrication. Again, I cannot see any cuts on my penis but is there any possibility of infection through this? Maybe down my ureatha? Sorry if that is a stupid question.

My final and biggest worry is that on a few occasions she stuck her finger up my anus and moved it in an out fairly rigorously but not exactly roughly. Now, she actually had a condom over her fingers while she did this, but she had also been fingering herself. I can't remember when she did this but it could have been before putting her finger in my anus. Do you think that if any of her vaginal secretions had got on the outside of the condom or had come off her finger somehow, that this would present a risk of infection or not as I know that the anus is damaged easily? Are there any recorded incidents of fluids that had previously got on fingers being passed on in a similar way

Thanks so much for you comments.

You had safer sex and you didn't have a risk of exposure even if she was HIV+.


Thanks for your answer. It was just the chance of her vaginal secretions getting into a tear in my anus from her fingers that worrys me and I couldn't find any infomation on this type of situation anywhere.

If you don't mind, could you explain why I have no exposure from this as to me if she has fluid on her fingers then theoretically I would have thought that it could be transmitted.


The fluids would be from the outer portions of the vagina not the inner cervical fluids.

Andy Velez:
And please read the lesson about transmission on this site. The link to it is in the first thread in this section. Getting down with that information will inform you about protecting your health and should help to spare you a lot of unnecessary worrying.

You can have sex with anyone, whether the person is HIV+ or not, and as much of it as you want. As long as you follow the safer sex guidelines consistently you will be protected from HIV.



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