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Anal fingering


To start, I have posted in the past but it was about a year ago and I do not remember my username. I moved on from my fears with much thanks to the help of everyone on this great site. Recently I have started to become worried again about a few instances I have had in the last few months and would really appreciate any help.

My situation: I bite my nails and last month went to a sauna and fingered another guy's anus. I used a finger that had a hangnail from biting it AT LEAST 6 hours prior. It was not bleeding but a little tender. I realized after I had left the sauna that I had used this finger, but did not think much about it until the next day when the finger had a slight infection (slight dried puss) around the hangnail. This made me a little concerned because I thought that infection/puss was a sign that there was access to the bloodstream.
I have read the forums and everyone says that fingering is NOT a risk at all, but I can only find posts concerning vaginal fingering. So I was wondering if the NO RISK is also applied to the anal fingering and even with the slight puss around the wound???? I have learned in the past to listen to the moderators of this site because you guys know your sh*t. So I would really appreciate any opinions and advice on this so I can move on from this.

Thank you.


There was no risk to you in the situation you describe.

You can relax.


Hi there. Please click on the How is HIV Transmitted? page   and pay attention to the end paragraph which addresses what you're talking about.

Also if you want you can consider using a glove in the future

Hey guys, thanks for you responses. I really appreciate the help with calming my nerves. I do have one more question though. I read the link allopathicholistic offered and I understand the part about no one being infected either by fingering or being fingered, but my concern is a little different.
During this same episode posted above at the sauna, my as*hole (and area around it) was a little chapped/irritated and was slightly bleeding before the incident (when i used the restroom an hour before, slight blood left on the toilet paper).
The guys I messed around there with used lube to j/o eachother and they never inserted their finger into my hole but massaged the area. My concern is that their precum or even cum got on their hands when they stroked themselves and then touched my anus would there be risk for transmission? Does lube have any affect on hiv and its survival ability?
Also, after this incident I washed my as* with soap and hot water and dried it. No blood was visible then, but still very sensitive. Really sorry for how descriptive this it, but just want to make sure all facts are presented. Thanks again and peace.


Hiv is a fragile, difficult to transmit virus. Successful transmission normally takes place entirely inside the human body as in unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse. When hiv has been exposed to the environment outside the body, it quickly becomes damaged and unable to infect. This is why mutual masturbation, even when cum or pre-cum is used as lube, is NOT a risk for hiv infection.

You did NOT have a risk for hiv infection and yes, I read all your details about your sore bottom. No risk.



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