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Where have they all gone?

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Oh Ann,

Today may be a WW holiday?  Maybe Ann Landers told they they could get HIV in a swimming pool but not by a swimming pool?  Have the best day

LOL They're back alright! It was just spooky last night when everytime I clicked on Am I, I'd have to step out of the way of the tumbleweed rolling past. The wind was whistling through the place and everything - there was even this owl off in the distance going hoot-hooooot. Eerie.

I was starting to wonder if I blacked out and banned them all.  ::)

What, me? Blackout? As if! Well, ok, maybe once in a while. Shhhh.... you didn't hear that from me.

I suppose I should go and get some real work done. ~sigh~


They probable can't figure out how to post a reply or realize they must choose how long they want to stay logged on. I just tried to start a new topic but found out I only logged on for one hour after I hit post. Everything I typed went blank and I needed to log on a second time. What a pain. Also the perview doesn't work. Pain pain pain.


Ann, you asked them to read and apparently that threw them for a loop.  :D


--- Quote from: RapidRod on June 01, 2006, 07:56:13 AM ---Ann, you asked them to read and apparently that threw them for a loop.  :D

--- End quote ---

tee hee hee


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