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Frustrated and Stressed, but fullfilling my dream!

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Hi Thomas.

That is great news about selling the house. And moving to the country?  You'll never regret it.  Michael and I moved up here (Redbluff, CA.  pop.  13,000) from the SF Bay Area and have never regretted it.

And you have had quite a year.  It's been great knowing you.  One day, soon after you started posting,  I was talking (pm'ng) with Little Steven (Fearless) and I mentioned to him how I just thought you seemed like a really nice guy and even though I had never seen your picture and knew that you were "straight", that you were my type.  Steven started laughing and said the same thing.  Something about your postings just being so earthy and truthful.  We both could see that.

And I've always been fond of Rasheen and Malachi.  The two of you together just makes me feel so good. 



Hi Tom,

Like Jay, I am not a country person and do not trust air, I can not see.  I was in a small town once and it smelled like cows!  If we didn't have our dreams, we would have nothing at all because our dreams are the last thing that can be taken away.

Like you, I have made a major step for myself and am not turning back.  I want to wish you and Rasheen the very best in your new life.  Have the best day



Hello Tom,

 Congratulations on the selling of your home !! It's a great feeling isn't it !! We bought our first home , here in Pinellas County (Dunedin) back in 1981 and sold it, in 1997. We are still in Pinellas County Palm Harbor) We're on the east side of 19. which saves us somewhat on our insurance, as we are not in a flood zone.( plus we are also in the last evac zone)

I hear you about the insurance insurance issues. Fortunately we own in a townhouse community. Our monthly maintenance is 205.00 per month. Out of that, comes the cost of insuring the structures. So that helps to keep our rates down. We pay approx 850.00 a year for insurance. A lot of people in this area, as throughout differant areas of the state have been dropped by their carriers. One person we know, their insurance went up from about 1,000.00 a year to almost 5,000.00 a year. Not good news. Lets hope whoever gets into office this year takes on the insurance industry in this state, it's long overdue.

Best of luck in home searching !! I moved down here in 1980, and it amazes me how much this area has been built up. Even Pasco county, which is just 10 miles north of us is booming !!! There's a lot of people moving down here to Florida on a daily basis !! I would love to live on a few acres of land, and have some space...

Good Luck------Ray

Hello Thomas, it is Eldon. My folks moved to Lake Placid, Florida which is about (10) ten miles South of Sebring. They (we) love it. It is so quiet and peacful here. As a matter of fact, our Realtor was Dan from All About Realty, Inc. He can get you a great deal on your house with some land around it.

Call him and tell him Eldon referred you to him and he will work with you all the way including the financing if needed. he is only 4% commission. if you need his number, let me know and I will look it up for you. He is cool and he will not give you the runaround. There's tons of properties for sale up here. It is a buyer's market. We got the best deal on our place.


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