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Frustrated and Stressed, but fullfilling my dream!

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  Thanks for the info Eldon...


You are welcome Thomas.

You're so not the guy you were a year ago.
I'm so proud of my friend.

There are very few people who you owe an explanation to, and none of them are here in this forum, (well except for maybe one young lady).  I see no reason to discuss this matter here. 

This forum is very accepting of our many faults and mistakes, (lord knows I've made a bunch myself).

Focusing on the past to prevent a repeat of your mistakes is good.  But it's not good if you're only going to continue to beat yourself up over it.



Not beating myself up Cliff...  just stating the facts because from my knowledge a few may have them misconstrued...  clarity my friend, clarity is all I wanted...  I think I'm confused now..  What were we talking about? Just kidding..



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