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Frustrated and Stressed, but fullfilling my dream!

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Miami must be one of the worst cities in Fl to live in; of course up here in Jacksonville we are on murder # 76, an all time record.  The outragous growth since hosting a Super Bowl has to come in play.
As for hurricanes, how many came up thru central Fl a couple years ago?  One of my brothers had just sold his home in Port St. Lucie and moved back to Sandford(near Orlando) and before he could get moved in a storm came thru and blew a tree down on his new house, he is thankful the damge wasn't too serious.  It's the price of paradise as they say; I'm beginingg to think with the over population and crime(and storms) it is a paradise lost.

Hi Thomas,

Congrats on the sale of your house. Let go of that stress and enjoy yourself. As far as your past, that's just what it is, the PAST. You and Rasheen love each other and you both know that something like that would never happen again. As long as you both know the truth, screw what other people think. That can be easier said that done sometimes. Anyway, Congrats on selling the house. I wish I could move sometimes. Take care.


Hello Thomas it is Eldon Born and raised in Miami, Florida. I know exactly what you are talking about and what you have been through. Fortunately in my life guns didn't come in as a factor only while I was at the shooting range.

Whoot!!! You are BLESSED to have sold your house in Miami. I just helped my parents move from there and now they are up in Central Florida. You will love it up here it is nothing like Miami.

Best wishes and tell Rasheen we love her.

Congratulations Thomas (Tom? Tommy?  ;D ) That's wonderful news, even though I'm partial to big cities. It's just that I don't trust air I can't see. J.


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