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What happened yesterday with Dan was a keen reminder of my suicide attempt that New Years Eve and how desperate I felt when I took a bunch of pills hoping to end the pain.  No.  This is not about me...but about Dan and how overwhelmed he must have felt to do what he did yesterday.  Some here on the forum were and will be deeply affected by the events of yesterday and I think its important that we share our concerns and our fears with one another.  It was during my recovery that I found this place and found others who helped me find my way back...I pray Dan will find his way back.......................

David, I have been very upset since i came online last night and read what was happening. It brought back feelings i had 5 yrs. ago when i tried the same thing as Dan. I was very lucky to have a friend that just happened to walk in when i stuck the first pill in my mouth. I owe her my life. Yesterday was very bad, after i got offline last night and reading about Dan, a dear friends daughter came running over, my friend had just done the same thing Dan had done, right in front of her husband and kids. Thank God she is ok and will be coming home from the hospital tomorrow.
I know one thing about all of this and that is we need each other, no matter what sex we are or what color our skin is. or how old or young we are. We need each other.
I thank God that Dan reached out to us like he did. I am going to say some very special prayers for Dan, my friend and everyone on here that was so worried like i was last night.
I am proud to say i am a part of this great loveing family here on the forums.

Love Wendy

It at least had a happier ending that it could have. One thing that made me curious. Why take pills and then go on the internet and tell everyone you did. That's a cry for help, no? If so, how do we respond being so far away?


What happened last night with Dan shook me to the core. I cry everytime I think about it. I don't know if it was because I read his post right after he posted it and was in his post all evening praying and waiting on word that he was OK. I hit that refresh button so many times.

I have never ever thought about killing myself. I have never known anyone that has. I cant imagine the dispear one must feel to get to that point. I am so thankful that there were people here that knew what do so and acted so fast.

David and Wendy I'm so glad that someone was there to stop you from doing that. I wouldn't have gotten to know you through your posts if you had been successful.


Those who stupidly take pills to end it on a moments notice for what ever the reason at the time and then cry for help aren't serious, just seriously need help.  I have a str8 friend who has done this same foolishness 3 times over the years, but is still with us....those who really want to end it do so without a word and are found later very dead.


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