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To Be Well Again

My life consists of Doctors and pills.
No longer am I working and using my skills.

What purpose could this illness serve?
To ruin the quality of life I deserve.

It does no good to question why,
But sometimes it helps to sit and cry.

I wish things were different for me and my life.
The pain I am in can cut like a knife.

God has a plan for each and everyone,
I am just thankful to see the rising sun.

No matter how bad I may feel today,
My hope for tomorrow will be better in some way.

To some people who don’t know who I am,
I look like a freak, as they stop, stare and stand.

 These people I can overlook,
My illness is not on the cover of a book.

To you who judge me and shake your head,
And remark behind me “I’d rather be dead”.

 This is my life, the only one I have.
God chose me for the strength, He knew I would have.

Anonymous, and NOT!

That is beautiful! God bless you for your honesty, creativity, courage and spirit!

Thanks Tim. 

very nice Tim.


Thank you Tim for sharing.


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