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Help! I AM NUMB! Diagnosed 7/26/05

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Thanks guys.  I really do appreciate your replies.

Hi Cory, welcome to the fourm.

It's less important how you got here than it is where you go from here. Have you ever noticed that when you hit bottom, the only way to go is UP? You can and will.

Your CD4 is excellent and that's good news because it will give you time to adjust to all of this. Be kind to yourself and try to not turn to alcohol or drugs to get through these initial weeks - drugs and alcohol will only make things harder for you in the long run.

Be sure to check out the Just Tested Poz Welcome Thread at the top of this forum, so you know what all this website has to offer.

Hang in there Cory, it does get better.



Sorry to hear about your diagnosis.  The "silver lining" is that now you know and you can take care of yourself.  I am pretty new, myself, to this whole.  Even in just a few months, it really has gotten a bit easier to deal with - on some levels.  I'm glad you found us here.  This is a phenomenal group of people.  I don't think you can present any situation here that at least one person can't say to you, "I know...I've been there, too and it will be ok"

Really, don't stress yourself about the "hows" of the past.  It's so counterproductive.  Look at the "hows" of the future.

Take care and hope to hear more from you


P.S. Nice job on the CD4s   :D

Again....Thanks guys....your comments help.


Welcome to the forums.

I am so glad that you found us here. There are alot of wonderful and caring people here. Just know that we are here for you!

Take alot of slow deep breaths, everything is going to be fine...your going to be fine!



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