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Dan, What the Fuck?

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Matty the Damned:
I'm so glad to hear that Dan has been carted off to Bedlam. It's long overdue I think. May he get the help he so clearly needs and may he be back amongst us soon. I'm extraordinarily fond of Dan and I hate to think that he's suffering.

As for Aunty Doxie (Hal) his efforts in this matter have been nothing short of astonishing and have renewed my belief in the essential goodness of people. Like I told Aunty Doxie in a private message earlier:

Dan, and indeed all of us here, are lucky to have you.


Thank you all who have kept everyone up to date on Dan. I hope he gets better soon and will be able to read for himself how much he is loved. I have to admit i was so scared and was crying like everyone else here. It is funny how even tho we do not know each other in these forums, we are still loved by each other, it doesn't matter what color we are or what sex we are or how much money any of us have or anything, we are a family and are loved. I thank God every day that i found this site, it has saved my life. I hope our out pouring love for Dan will let some of the new ones on here know just how much we care about our family.

Love Wendy


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