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Chris Jones 1960 - 1993


I just keep thinking of Chris lately.
We met in Mykonos  in 1978 : he a young handsome American, me a 23-year old flightattendant.

We started visiting each other after that. You met my family, my bf's parents and sister, and I got to know Chicago with you.
We went horsebackriding, fishing, camping together. I took you to Paris, Rome and Athens.

You were so handsome and so cute....

Until the day your sister called to tell me you were sick, very sick. You struggled for more then a vain.
Blind, disorientated,  incontinent and skin over bones you passed away in the spring of 1993...

Chris, I still love you... you were just a boy....

In sweet memory.

Hullo Herman ,

                        what a nice memory  :)

                        I am glad you were able to have such a man  in your life , and you always will  :)

                        I find as I grow older ,  MOST of the good times  of the past bring peace  :)

                                                                 wishing you great memories and a wonderful good time

                                                                  with your partner of now !

                                                                                                            Karl  :-*


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