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First, let me say thanks to every one who has responded to my posts. This has turned out to be a resource that has pretty much saved my sanity during this time. However, now I have more confusing information.

1. I was tested five times last year (this is normal for me as I am/was very careful). All of those tests were negative.

2. I have been in a monogomous relationship for the last year. My partner is negative. Because of this, I was not tested until my annual physical.

3. I know that my conversion had to have been December/January.

4. Other than my partner, I have had one other sex partner in the last 15-16 months. I was tested and was negative (Test Date 9-11).

5. When I tested positive I called my ex and let him know the situation. He has tested positive now and has been having some pretty serious emotional trauma over this.

6. I talked to my ex today and he is finally coherent. He says he originally tested poz (Western Blott). So they retested him, using his original blood and it came back negative. He get's his results from another Western Blott this Friday.

I'm very very confused. I know it has to be him. If it's not, I would have to have been poz for a while and then evaded all those tests last year (2 of the 5 were Western Blotts). I just don't see how I could have gotten past five tests in 2007; threee (3) tests in 2006; 3 (three) tests in 2005. I have never had an STD. I'm not a Saint and wouldn't profess to be one, but based on my timelines, he has to be the one.

If my ex turns out to be negative, then how the hell did I end up with this? Better yet, when?

Can someone help me understand this. Has anyone heard of this type of situation?

Hi wow,

This is like a Sherlock Holmes novel  ;)

The only thing I can tell you is ELISAs are very sensitive, if anything they might have given a false positive, but not a false negative if you were tested once finished the window period (3 months).

I'm a little confused about the WB though, both the ones you you said you had and your ex's. WB are confirmatory tests that are only run once an ELISA has turned out positive, so it makes no sense to repeat a WB to see if it's again positive: ELISA positive plus WB positive = HIV positive. Period.

Are you sure you're not confusing WB with ELISA?

LOL At this point there is no way I would make that kinda error.

I spoke to my Dr. he knows my history and since I had all those negative tests I would have to have been infected about nine years ago and then the virus would have to have evaded the tests for nine years. All of which is highly unlikely. My ID Dr. thinks that my ex just got a false negative which is why they are retesting him and that he going to turn up Poz.

Seriously, this freaked me out a bit since I know when I converted and I know who I slept with. It had/has to be him. I was beginning to think I had some kinda strange new strain htat could evade the tests or something. My Dr. just laughed at that and told me I had the same as everyone else - garden variety HIV.

You know - I hate reading Sherlock Holmes  ;)

Do you wanna bet on whether you have a new test-evading strain? (easy money, easy money!! :P)

Anyhow, I know right now it's difficult, specially given how puzzling the situation seems to be, but eventually you're gonna have to leave behind the "who" gave you the bug, is not the important thing right now ;)

Loop, I think you are missing the point of what I wrote. I'm not concerned with the "who" as much as I was with the "when". However, the two are not exclusive.

I already know I don't have some kinda supervirus which was making this whole situation even more perplexing.

Just trying to track so that I know what is going on. The more I know, the faster My Squatter can be controlled.

Overall, what i find the hardest to deal with the lack of knowledge. It would be nice to just KNOW.


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