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Happy Birthday Rocky! (06/02)

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Hi Folks

I am very pleased to make my first "Happy Birthday" post in the new forums to someone we all know and love, Rocky (RAB)!

Dear Rocky,

You have become a dear friend to me, someone whose advice I cherish and who's friendship I treasure.   I wish you the happiest birthday ever, and many many more!



"I am connected to the power of the Universe.  I breathe in love and light and exhale fear and darkness.  I am confident and powerful.   I am at peace."

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go rocky... who must now be at least as old as the rocks.

Happy Birthday Rocky. I hope it makes you older than me.  ;D

The Canuck:
Happy Birthday Rocky ! I wish you all the best in this very special day, after all getting old is very special by itself.  8)

Kidding aside, get some birthday cake, a beer or/and some wine and see ya' in Montreal for offering you one.

The Canuck

Happy Birthday Rocky

Hope you have a wonderful day!


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