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Just got my first lab results in. I was infected and converted within the last year.

Here are my numbers
CD4 - 310
VL 5950
CD% 19
Zero Drug Resistance

Good, bad, HUH?

Any interrpretation would be appreciated.

Miss Philicia:
Well, on one hand your numbers are far from a disaster, but on the other hand they're maybe not indicating that you're going to go years without dealing with meds either.  But of course one should never make judgments based on one set of data, and I'd see what your next set of numbers are.

Have you read this yet:

For example, I'd look mostly at your CD4% at this juncture, and at 19% it's 2 % pts lower than what indicates a functioning immune system.  However, it's 5 % points above indicating that your immune system is severely damaged, so that's good.  Not great but good.  Not sure by looking at your old posts if you concretely know the relative time of your infection.  Your viral load certainly is not that high for someone not on medication yet, that's for sure.  Another plus in your favor.

However, your actual CD4 of 310, while not in AIDS-land, is still in the ballpark of recommended start of treatment.  But it's only 40 below the 350 current recommendation marker, so I'd not freak out.  I'd still be prudent and begin to familiarize myself with treatment options though, just to mentally prepare.  Obviously not showing any resistance at this point gives you a clear slate for consideration of all medications, so that's another point in your favor.

I know, not great, but not bad either. I was expecting better. I just want to avoid meds for at least another year. Im beginning to look at transitioning to another job and don't want the insurance hassles.

No, I know when I was infected and when I converted. It was with in the last year for conversion (Dec - Jan) and 15 months ago from today for infection. I was tested five times last year and negative each time. I even know who infected me.

Miss Philicia:
Well darling, we don't care who just when :)

So, I guess if you really are sure of when then I'd definitely want to see how the numbers shift on subsequent tests.  I'll be interested to see what others indicate.  I know that there's some chart floating around somewhere that graphs the average infection ebb and flow lab number timeline.  It's just a projection based on averages of course, but it would give you a clearer picture.

Oh... cool -- I just found it on my computer drive.

Your numbers still don't particularly fit well into that, but thought I'd throw it out there anyway.

As far as "insurance hassles" there shouldn't be any as long as you are currently insured, and don't have any lag time in between coverage when you move to a new job.  I switched jobs 3 months after being diagnosed and commencing meds myself, and that was back in the dark ages 15 years ago and had no issues, though I understand why on the surface it might worry you.  I'd consider it unfounded, at least in my experience.   If it makes you feel better go to a local ASO and discuss the legal side of such worries with a case manager.

Thanks for the info about insurance.

The chart you posted is for the progression of HIV to AIDS in an individual who does not go on meds. It projects that the individual willl die in about 11 years after infection if they do not start therapy.

I'll be a pill poppin fool before I allow myself to drop dead in 11 years. Ok, another fun day. YAY!! Another emotional roller coaster ... I could kill my ex for this. Thankfully I'm working from home today so it's peaceful and I can take a nap in a minute. Off to sleepy time

BTW ... How many started having really weird dreams right after being diagnosed? I dream and dream and dream ...


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