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Hemp Oils: Cure for Cancer +

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May I chime in on this subject, I don't post much. I have been researching and looking at Rick Simpson Oil for over a year, there was a fellow back a few years who tried to cure HIV with the oil it didn't work, but it did help him with the side effects. Cannabis or hemp has been around forever and used medicinally. The first known hemp oil was found in 1843 using low heat and some type of solvent to extract the THC which has a healing effect. Does it work I don't know but if I had cancer I would try it whats the harm.

Just came across this from my Facebook.


--- Quote from: Matty the Damned on August 06, 2008, 02:53:58 AM ---
It's the claim that cannabis has curative properties for conditions like cancer that concerns me, that's all I'm saying babe.

Be well, :-*


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Little bump of MTD useful reminder that the "hemp oil cure for cancer" is unsubstantiated. 

Also my quick Web search reveals hemp oil and HIV denialists are BFFs.


I am not a denialist, I have HIV and its effects on me in the 2 and a half years are taking its tolls on my body. I have suffered side effects of the damn meds I suffered sulfa allergies and my skin remains red and rashy and quite honestly I dont put much hope in the doc and big pharma and the profits. If it works for someone to function more power to him.


--- Quote from: hellrider on January 23, 2013, 08:44:03 AM ---my skin remains red and rashy

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have you talked to your doctor about changing to another regimen? Out of my curiosity, and perhaps for you to get better answers, what are you currently taking and what are you current counts??

I have a slight sulfa allergy but once I was off bactrim all my itchiness and redness went away. ;)


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