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Rick Simpson has found a cure for cancer using hemp oils.
Hemp oils heals  skin conditions, cancer,  diabetes, burns, chronic pain, infections, glaucoma, scar tissue, mutating cells, asthma, anxiety,depression.
cholesterol returning to normal values.

So I got to thinking that if hemp oils cures all of the above and more then what about HIV??
Surely HIV must fall into one of the illnesses that hemp oils works on as well. And if not HIV then it will work on my high cholesterol caused by the HAART.

My only concern is that Hemp oils and HAART may not go together.
Anyway I "aquired" myself a batch of oil that was made by following Ricks exact intructions, and started to ingest a piece that is the size of a grain of rice twice a day.
So far I have been stonned for the past 24 hours, and the sore on my tongue - one of those dreadful mouth ulcers that keep on popping up every now and then, stops stinging almost immediatly after the oil begins to dissolve on my tongue. I might add that I have been in an excellent mood from yesterday.

Please check out Rick Simpsons website for all information on hemp oils. And most importantly of all watch the documentary Run for the cure. It explains and shows exactly what it is, and how to make this hemp oil.

I wrote to Larry at
The Cancer Cure NS team
Cumberland County, Canada's Cancer Cure Community

and asked him if he knows about Hemp oils and curing HIV.

He replied with the following

" People using the medication have reported their cholesterol returning to normal values.  Also, Dr.Guzman of Spain reports in his research that THC may also cure HIV.  We have had no HIV patients yet, so if it works for you, let us know please."

Dear Larry
Thank you for your reply. You now have your first HIV patient. Imagine that, if it does also work for HIV. It will further and improve our struggle so much more so. And I am happy to help in our fight. (Although I could think of other ways in helping, ...)
How much should I take. I assume that the amount of the size of a grain of rice twice a day to dissolve under my tongue.
I am in a bit of a dilemma because I am on HAART meds and am reluctant to stop taking them for now. I also hope that both the oil and Meds will not be counterproductive.
I am not on cholesterol reducing medication yet, so I hopefully by my next blood works (end of August) results will show up.
Will keep you posted as to how it works,

You may find some interaction between the medicine and the HAART chemicals.  The oil attempts to repair the damage from chemicals and remove them from the system at the same time as it heals the body.  Make sure you drink plenty of fluids while you use the oil.  It uses the body's water to cleanse the system.  You will find you can wean yourself off the chemicals as you heal with the natural herbal medicine.  Just make sure to monitor your progress as usual.
Please do keep us posted and if you have more questions, please ask.


I did disscuss with my Doctor aboiut using med cannabis, He did not think it would be a problem, and that it would help any of my side effects from being on HAART.

Matty the Damned:

You know that Matty the Damned loves you babe but he has to say this sounds like a whole heap of crap and that Mr Simpson is a quack medicine pedaller.

Hemp oil can cure cancer? Where's the evidence? What's more how do you make the leap that this might be effective for HIV infection?


 Matty, I am not that naive,  but  there is a lot of evidence and research on the medicinal qualities for cannabis. Many many organisations and research teams from many labarotories and universities all over the world are researching Cannibis.
You have a whole page of links here:

Did you watch the documentary? Mr Simpson as well as the pacients using the hemp all claim to be cured. They plus many resarch organisations. So there is the evidence.

My leap to HIV: well if its so effective in all those diseases, then why not one more? , Seriously though I want it to hlep reduce my cholestrol levels. 
I think though that it is giving me diareah...

Matty the Damned:

It's entirely up to you doll, but I doubt the wisdom in taking Mr Simpson's word in these matters. He claims that hemp oil can cure all diseases.

I did watch the documentary and frankly the man strikes me as a crackpot. There is nothing in the links you provided or in the video which could in anyway be considered firm evidence of Mr Simpson's claims.

In fact there is very little research about the efficacy of cannabis in treating HIV and the results of that small body of research are inconclusive. I can provide the references for these studies if you would like them.

In terms of cancer there is some evidence that THC is has some in vitro effect on cancer cells but there is nothing which demonstrates the substance extends the duration and quality of patients lives.

Darlin' this is your call, you're free to do as you wish, but I have to point out that given the available reputable evidence THC is not a cure for HIV or anything else for that matter.




--- Quote ---In terms of cancer there is some evidence that THC is has some in vitro effect on cancer cells but there is nothing which demonstrates the substance extends the duration and quality of patients lives.
--- End quote ---

Matty of cause it helps in alleviating symptons of anxiety, nausea, depression, asthma, pain, appetite. This has been proven.


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