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Exposure with poz boyfriend, serodiscordinant couple


Hello all.. this is my first post. Wanted to thank everyone ahead of time for being such a wealth of knowledge. It's refreshing to know I have some place to turn when I want to know things.
Anyway, I am a gay 27 year old male, have tested negative for over a year. I think i'm pretty knowledgeable in what i need to know to be safer with my partner, but I still have a question. I have been dating someone who is positive for a little over 8 months now. We've had protected sex for each and every higher risk activity, meaning anal sex. We have NOT used protection for oral sex, but from what i understand, the risk is very low. However, last evening, we got a little out of control, as i'm sure some people can understand. He penetrated me for a few moments without a condom on. He wasn't precumming before, he didn't ejaculate, he didn't have any sores or cuts or damage to his penis, and it lasted for only a short time. I wasn't irritated or didn't have any rips in that area before, so i don't think i was seriously in danger of exposure. I realize that it was risky and i should have been more careful, like i had been for the last 8 months.
Anyway, I just wanted some insight into what are the chances of me converting having been exposed for a brief period of time? I'm sure there is some chance, but I couldn't find the statistics for such a thing, but i'm probably looking in the wrong place anyway.
Thanks for any advice!


I've never come across any statistics like the ones your looking for either and they wouldn't be much use anyway because stats can't really be applied to individual cases.

You have had a risk and you should test, although from what you describe you have a very good chance of testing negative. It was brief, there was no precum and there was no unintact skin.

You already realise that you shouldn't be taking chances like this, so I won't lecture you. But please, for your own sake, try not to get carried away again in future and don't let a negative result this time out make you complacent.

While you're here, please read through the links found in the Welcome Thread and also the condom and lube links in my signature line.

You can test at six weeks, as the vast majority of people who have actually been infected will seroconvert and test positive by six weeks. A negative result at this point would be an excellent indication of your hiv status, but should be confirmed at the 12-13 week point.

Good luck and keep us posted.


Thanks so much for the info. I will keep people informed when i find out in a few weeks. Either way, i'm sure to return and read and learn more. Just because i'm not positive now doesn't mean that i don't want to know as much as i can, especially since my boyfriend is. And it's still hard for him to discuss it, so that's why i come here and read up. It's not easy being in a +/- relationship, but it does work. Just want everyone to know that if both people care enough about each other, you can make it work.
Anyway, that's enough of my soapbox...haha...
Thanks again for the info!


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