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Have never trusted sports celebs; they always show up in hospitals visiting the  'kids', do they ever think there might be an old guy in the hospital that might wanna shake their hand? and creating foundations for the 'kids'.  Magic Johonson and Lance Armstrong took on causes for all ages, not just the kids to look good in the media...don't expect a call.

Hello AIDS2HIV it is Eldon. I just wanted to say that you efforts shall be appreciated and it is a good chance that you will get the call. Keep your spirits up and continue doing what you have been doing which is educating the community.

We need more people like you to focus on HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness.

Good for you. And good luck. I hope he calls back.

thank you everyone.

I believe the whole HIV system needs an overhaul, from education to prevention, to Stigma. I am working on a presentation program for my campaign. When 40+ million worldwide are infected, and 90% are UNKNOWINGLY carrying,transmitting, and progressing with HIV/aids....Its clear to me, the efforts need changed, the message needs changed, and the public ignorance, from the commen resident up to the politicians, needs to brought into the spotlight, and changed. Sure i could get self absorbed and do as the others, get the governments hand it, spread the failing messages....but i wont. Thats what has gotten us here to this point. History will repeat itself, even with the advancement in meds, many will die just as they did in the eighties, the 10% may not,but the 90% will. Unless thier is change.

People resist change, until change is made, then they tend to follow....the problem is, no one will try to initiate the change. Education will end ignorance, and ending ignorance is when REAL progress starts.

It doesnt stop here, I will pursue this until my last days, if need be. I just need to keep working at it, until i get some private funding, Government funding requires you to be thier puppet, say what THEY want told, etc.....not my cup of tea*

Good Luck & God Bless*


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