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Does anyone know Sam Hornish Jr. ? He is the 2006 winner of The Indy 500 race. Yesterday we had "Sam Hornish Jr Day" Yes, he grew up in the same neck of the woods as i have. But anyways, the town was flooded big media moguals, and what not. We had a parade, and a celebration for him. During the festivities, he expressed his association with the shriner hospitals, and his passion in helping sick youth,etc. Afterwards he offered to sign autographs.

after my kids got thier stuff autographed,etc i approached the man to get a poster autographed, and while he was autographing it, i disclosed my status to him. I further went on to explain that Im an aids survivor, but to do so i had to go out of the area. As the area, knew NOTHING about HIV. I continued, since then i have focused on educating the communities, about HIV prevention and awareness, on my own. Speaking to schools, to large public groups, etc. And much like a racer, to really make an impact, i too need sponsors. To make a long story short, he asked for my name and number after expressing an interest in what im doing for our community. Now, whether anyone will contact me and follow through remains to be seen, but if so, my....." Know Your Status - Take The Test " campaign will be in a full swing in more than just my hometown area....

lets hope for the best.......just thought id share it with ya*

I am keeping you in my thoughts, and sending you all the good energy I can muster.
Got my fingers crossed that someone from his camp contacts you.
Good job A2H !

A2H,  Someday in the future...

Announcer - "This is the live AIDS CAM from car 54 at 230 miles per hour" ;D

just cheer for the Aids2Hiv car, its the one wrapped in the condom*

 ;D :-*


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