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New Diagnosis - New Drugs- Help is needed to understand all this

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New Diagnosis - New Drugs- Help is needed to understand all this
Reply #17 on: Today at 02:17:12 pm
Hello everyone, my name is Scott and this week I got ALL the news.  Showed up to my doc with a case of molluscum contagiosum
and stomach problems.  My doctor, who is amazing and knows quite a bit about HIV, said this was probably a sign of AIDS.
After testing, the numbers came back very dangerous: CD4 at 16 and let's just say astronomically high viral load.
After consulting with 2 other HIV specialists, he decided that I had to go on a drug regimen NOW.  He didn't have time to wait
for the genetic test.  So, to be cautious, he put me on the newest drugs prezista/isentress/intelence because they were good with
resistance.  I'm also on Mepron (bactrim allergy) to protect against PCP. 

Well that's my story.  I'm so much worried yet about being sick as I am about all the work and understanding this is going to take.
I have a support network and a great, loving partner.  (He tested neg yesterday)  Any thoughts, advice and good wishes would be
greatly appreciated. 

Thanks so much

i haven't done much research on this, but perhaps you partner should also go on a regimen.

i recall a while back that if people who are not infected took the meds too, they could prevent becoming infected. 

just a thought and something to consider.

i recall when my cd4 was 2 and my internal as well as my external worlds came down crashing and with no one to help me.

perhaps a day will come when i will know why i was spared. 

for now i am just surviving and maybe i will learn to live again.

Hello and welcome.  The meds work, just give them a little time.  It sounds like you're getting the help you need.

I have no advice, only good wishes and one thought; is this regimen permanent, or only until you get the results of a genotype test?

To be honest, I'm not sure if this is going to be a regular regiment.
My doc mentioned that when my CD4 goes up, he will be taking me off the Prezista I think.

Thank you for responding. 


Prezista (darunavir)

Audience: Infectious disease healthcare professionals
[UPDATE 3/21/2008] FDA issued a new "Information for Healthcare Professionals" sheet highlighting the addition of hepatotoxicity information to the WARNINGS section of prescribing information for Prezista.

[Posted 03/12/2008] FDA and Tibotec Therapeutics notified healthcare professionals of changes to the WARNINGS section of the prescribing information for Prezista (darunavir) tablets regarding the risk of hepatotoxicity. In clinical trials and postmarketing experience, drug induced hepatitis has been reported in patients receiving combination therapy with Prezista/ritonavir. Appropriate laboratory testing should be conducted prior to initiating therapy with Prezista/ritonavir and patients should be monitored during treatment. Increased AST/ALT monitoring should be considered in patients with underlying chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, or in patients who have pretreatment elevations of transaminases, especially during the first several months of Prezista/ritonavir treatment.

Just something you need be aware of todd123.


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