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Need some Advice-Fast progessor??

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Hi Guys, I am new on this site and need some advice.
I tested NEGATIVE in September 2007, then 7 months later in May 2008, by test came back positive.
I dont recall any seroconversion.

I immediately did my labs and got the restults recently.
CD4 is 280 and 15%.
They forgot to do my viral load so I dont know

The female doctor at the London clinic (Bloomsburg) seemed surprised at my results, and suggested that I could possibly be a fast progressor.
I could have only been infected sometime in the past 6-8 months.
They also did a test to determine when I was infetced...and it shows that I was infected more than 6 months ago. I find this I was negative last year in SEPT.
She did mention that this test is however merely a research test.
Does anyone know about this test.
Also, do these numbers indicate fast progression. I know that I need to wait for the next set of results, which I will get in 2 weeks, but I am still a bit concerned, as its a low CD4 and also a low%.

These lab results were more stressful compared to getting the initial diagnoses.

I am 30 years only, and gay  South Africam male living in London


Welcome to this place. I never heard of a test that can pin point the exact time of being infected. Unless you know your self for sure.

The comment of being a fast progressor, I find it a bit premature as you must be testing a few times to see how your immune system is behaving.

I feel that her comment was not very helpful to you at this time, as you and your body are still trying to get acquainted with this bug.

Try not to worry and take it a step at the time.

Stay well, Alain

Thanks Alain
She did say this test is a new "research" test, but it does not make sense to me.
The doctor was not very empathetic and I plan to change her...
it was my very first lab test and she was already hinting that i was a (1) fast progressor or (2) need to start thinking about Meds.

The fact that i mentioned that I had a bout of Thrush, had seemed to convince her.
But I have read that some people do get this during the primary phase.
BUt maybe she is rights, and it is indeed a clue to fast progression.

I have however always had low total white cells when ever i had a full blood count (when I was negative).
Perhaps my genetic make up, and the fact that I normally have low white cells, has contributed to this rapid progression and poor first labs.

With your numbers as they are, I too would start thinking about taking meds.

Mind you , this is a very personal decision to make.

Like I said wait and see the trend about your immune system with a couple of more test.

And I was just thinking, she doesn't even know your viral load, which is important to make an well informed decision.

It simply is, a part of the process, and a very important one.

I would get a second opinion, you have everything to gain and the right, of being informed properly and as accurately as possible.

Thanks. But I have had this virus for 7 months MAX. possibly even less.(as I tested negative 7 months before)
I really dont want to be taking meds already.


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