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Dear Forum Friends,

I just can't stop singing the chorus to this song today.  Having tried to return to the work place since 1998 has created a whole mess of issues and little support from the health care professionals, the ASO's and generally the powers that be.

For the past 10 months, I have been working on a project called Re-Entry Task Force.  This group was trying to invoke change and help people like myself and others to return to work, get training or volunteer for non-profits who help support people living with HIV/AIDS.

With the help and support of the other founding members, the Planning Counsil and others who were never involved, succeeded to turn this project into a support group, with no real focus, and no real or perceived benefits other than a few county employees who need job security.  This organization is now a zoo, open to the public (but don't feed the bears).

Seeing the writing on the wall and being able to spot BS from 300 yards, I have been looking for other ways to take care of my financial and personal needs.  Having spent the last 10 years on disability, I have no money to invest for myself but, I have always done without to pay all of my bills before eating, going out or even seeing a film.  I have perfect credit.

This morning, I was turned down by the first lender for an agricultural loan to purchase a Sonoma County vineyard.  They often do 100% loans but when the loan officer heard the word "disabled" that conversation was over.

The vineyard provides a built in $8,000.00 per month income (the amount of the mortgage payment) which will escalate in 3 years to $26,000.00 per month in three years.  Then a 1.5% annual increase per year over the next 30 years.   The purchase price includes the long term lease of the vineyard acreage.  There is a luxury estate home on the property that can also be rented.  That is the pure profit part because why would I need to live in such a house?

Lender # 2 is currently reviewing the numbers and has private lenders available.  Two years ago, when I started planning the move to Sonoma County, this lender prequalified me (on my disability income) for the purchase of a multi-family housing unit.  The issue of not having a signifigant down payment is still on the table.

After a few hours online, I find the Farm Service Agency, Rural Development, and the local office of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  The Beginning Farmer Down Payment program will provide a 40% down payment of the sales price or the appraised value (which ever is less) at only 4% interest for 40 years and disabled veterans move to the top of the list.  My letter of inquiry is in their fax machine waiting for the office to open in the morning.

So, I may become a farmer and while I am waiting response, I shall sing...

Mama May Have, Papa May Have, but God bless the Child that Got His OwnHave the best Day

Nice work if you can get it, and you can get it if you try.  :) J.

Go FOR IT and the best of luck!

If you get it, let us know which winery uses the grapes... Ill throw some business their way. ;)

Evaluate carefully your situation and the outcome; no one wants to be on disability, but once U loose it, may be hard to get back.  The expenses of runing a business including insurance, health care and other wise can be devistating.  If you can pull it off, go for it, just examine all aspects very carefully, you don't want to end up oweing tons of money, no income, and no disability.  Please be leary of things that seem too good to be ture...
Have U had an attorney review all this?


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