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Our 26th Anniversary !

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Hi Everyone,

Today is our Anniversary. 26 years ago today,in 1980,( which happened to be on a Saturday,) I met Ed. We arrived about the same time that Saturday evening, into the parking lot of the local bar in Clearwater,Fl, and walked into the bar at the same time.

When I first met Ed, he kind a reminded my of Robby Benson ! We hit it off, right off the bat. He was such a good looking guy back then,AND STILL IS !! I have to confess, it was not an easy relationship to maintain, especially after I was diagnosed positive in 1985. Ed is negative. That first year and a half, was a very tough period of time, for both of us. But, we managed to work through things, and are still together this day !We have always been able to communicate. The time has flown by. I guess we were about 29 years old when we met, we will both be 55 years old( young), toward the end of the year. It has been a wonderful relationship, he has been there to support me through the best and worst of times, and myself for him, and we both continue to live our dreams.I often wonder where I would be if he wasn't in my life... I really love him, he is one special human being, lover and friend. He knows what I am thinking, before I think it, and I know what he is going to say, before he says it :), that is really knowing someone !! :)

We have been doing so much around the house lately, we didn't get out tonight. We had lunch out today, and we're going to go out and have a wonderful dinner tomorrow, May have some champagne also, to celebrate the occasion !


Hello Ray it is Eldon. I just wanted to say that relationships do have their ups and downs. The beautiful part is when you learn how to communicate and gain an understanding of one another.

Congratulations! and I wish you (2) two many more years together as a team!

Congratulations. You two should be proud! Wow, what a milestone! I hope you have many more happy years to come. You lucky SOB I have always had a major crush on Robbie Benson LoL.

Congratulations Ray,
That's so sweet.
Here's to 26 more.
Ed is a lucky man.
Little Steve



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