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Spider Bite OUCH!

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Well it had to happen sooner or later but I woke up this morning and had the biggest welp on my leg. Some way a spider bit my leg and I can hardly walk from the effect of the bite. My leg has swollen to a football.  I can walk from the bathroom to my living room and that is about it on the walking.  :'(

So I can say for the next few days its on the sofa for me.

As far as taking my meds this is going to be hard to take something for the pain and possible messing my meds up.


You better get the dr! My cousin wound up in the hospital from a spider bite. A brown recluse bit her.

Got me worried here!


Hello Jerry,

 I would also suggest that you go to a doctor, and get it checked out. If you can hardly walk, and your leg is swollen, something isn't right. Do you have one of those walk in clinics near you ? I would play it on the safe side...


Hello, I really hope that you went to the doctor, Spider bites are no joke. I was bitten by one and after a couple of days it hurt so bad I had to go to the doctor, also you need antibiotics because Brown Recluse bites cause your flesh to rot from the inside out and you don't want a big hole in your leg.  Please go to the doctor.   Cristy

I agree! PLEASE go to the doc or the ER!


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