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worried again raesure me!!!


well im back after feling ok for a while i got a panick attack and decided to post.well first of all im a 20 year old male with a beatufull fiance who i do not want to put at risk. My first hiv sacare was in march of 2006 when i had vaginal sex with a prostitute during sex i was constantly checking on the condom. when i felt i was gonna ejaculate i tilted my head back and didint notice that the condom wasent on no more i could of being exposed for about two minutes. well after this incident i tested at 10 weeks and at 13 weeks that should of been the end of it but around july 2 i slipped and had sex with another prostitute vaginal and protected when we finished the condom looked in tact. now for my worries before sex with the second prostitute i was itchy around the groin area and was scrathing fairly but not to the point were i had open wounds. lately about i month after this recent incident i had headache for about one day and it went away today my fiance was complainig about a headache too. Can some please help me . Since me and my girlfriend are plannig to have a baby. and  i really want this baby for us


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